The Biggest Influencer Events for the Rest of 2019

With VidCon just around the corner, we compiled all of the biggest YouTuber and Internet culture events for the rest of 2019 where you will be able to meet your favorite YouTubers, interact with new content, and more.


June 11–13: E3 in Los Angeles, CA, USA

E3 stands for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. and is considered one of the gaming industry’s biggest events of the year. For any gamer, it’s one of the most influential events to see what new technology is coming out, what brands expect for the rest of the year, and anything related to gaming influencers. The event is notorious for product releases including new games, so while gamers definitely attend, it is more focused on the brand side of the industry.


Photo from Tubular Insights

July 10–13: VidCon in Anaheim, CA, USA

VidCon is the all-time YouTuber event. This year marks the 10th anniversary of this influential event and VidCon is promising bigger activations with brands and creators, incredible parties and meetups, and so much more. For many YouTube fans, this is their first event to meet their favorite creators. For those in the industry, the creator and industry tracks are highly regarded as a must-see event for the year.

July 18–21: Comic Con International: San Diego, CA, USA

Comic Con is one of the oldest conferences on this list, starting in the 1970s when a couple comic fans banded together to create one of the first comic book conventions. Today, the convention stands as the hallmark event for fans of comics, pop culture, and more with panels, showcases, and lots and lots of cosplay.


Summer in the City

August 9–11: Summer in the City in London, UK

Before there was VidCon London, Summer in the City was one of the first YouTuber events for the UK audience and is the longest running online video conference for the UK. The event connects creators with their fans as well as puts on industry panels, live performances and more.

August 10–11: BeautyCon in Los Angeles, CA, USA

BeautyCon is the event for all things makeup, skincare, and beauty industry. The event allows for attendees to have a base ticket with add-ons including a social media add-on to meet your favorite influencers or a “hauler” pass that allows you to get in early and receive a free swag bag.

Miles Jai (@milesjai) at BeautyCon 2018

August 30 — September 2: PAX West in Seattle, WA, USA

PAX is a series of gaming centered events that happen across the USA and Australia. PAX West follows the normal PAX format with panels, an exhibitor hall, performances, tournaments, lounges and more. The conventions started in 2004 and since then, millions of people have attended PAX events for all things tabletop and video games related.


September 19–22: VidCon Australia in Melbourne, AU

VidCon Australia is the Australian version of the Anaheim VidCon event earlier in the year. Although notably smaller than its sister event, VidCon AU still houses the same kinds of panels, meet and greets, and activations that the brand is known for.

September 20–21: CVX Live in Provo, UT, USA

CVX Live promises the “superfan experience” with your favorite digital creators. The event focuses most on content creators who tailor to younger audiences as seen by different tickets being adjusted for when students are released from school on Fridays.

September 27–29: TwitchCon in San Jose, CA, USA

Similar to E3, TwitchCon is the gaming conference focused more on influencers, professional teams, and to have players meet their fans. The event focuses less on brand announcements and more on meet and greets, meetups, and industry panels with major influencers in the space.


October 4–6: Buffer Fest in Toronto, Canada

The Buffer Festival prides itself on being “the world’s largest international digital-first film festival.” The event focuses on screenings from creators and film-makers while also including red carpets, meetups, awards, and panels regarding different types of content.



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