Studio71 is the leading global media company for digital-first creators and brands.
Studio71 has its biggest year in podcasting yet, with over 30 shows launched in 2020.

2020 has been a big year for podcasts. In a year where everyone’s routines were interrupted, the reliability of podcasts as a source of entertainment and escape has proven especially valuable. When other mediums like TV shows, movies, and books lagged behind the day-to-day reality of life during lockdown, podcasts…

The internet has led to the democratization of knowledge in a number of areas, from beauty to home improvement to cooking. In recent years, another arena in which people have turned to YouTube and, more recently, social media, for guidance is personal finance. According to a recent report in Bloomberg

Documentaries educate, entertain and reveal the workings and motivations beneath the gloss of famous figures and events. At a cultural moment where behind-the-scenes coverage is preferential to a perfectly manicured facade (see Instagram, YouTube, the whole of TikTok), documentaries offer us a way into topics that’s easy to digest. Of…

The last few months have been big for gaming. Perhaps you’ve heard? It’s also been a time of growing popularity for live streaming, which has allowed industries and the personalities that drive them to connect directly with audiences from a social distance.

In the midst of this craving for virtual…


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